We are just couple of regular guys who have been friends nearly all our lives. We have a history that lends itself to some pretty fun conversations, so we decided to flip on some mics and see who might listen. We discuss topics of the day, family life, pop culture, and whatever comes to mind. We use our podcast for a sort of “self-therapy”, and we hope it does the same for our listeners – while being honest as well as entertaining. We typically post an episode a week, uncensored and unapologetic. You can find us on our website, iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Tunein, Blubrry, Podcasts.com, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.


Episode 63: Three Years and Two Sheets In - Part Two
What we find offensive. Clint's new movement. Voting. Todd explains God, buckle up. We believe in aliens, and they have landed in Brohugs Studios for an extraterrestrial edition of BLT. Episode 62: Three Years and Two Sheets In - Part One
THE BOYS HAVE RETURNED! Special guests in house, and craziness ensues. Looking back three years, and how far we've come. Foul mouthed parents and whooping ass. Brad was racecar driver. Clint's "motorcycle" accident. Movies. Rocky Horror. Episode 61: Best of Brohugs - Vol 1
Sit back, grab a sifter of your finest cognac and enjoy a superb compilation of some of the greatest moments of Brohugs Podcast. We hope you enjoy this twisted trip down memory lane as much as we did. Episode 60: Awkward Encounters
Crazy shower gel ignites a frank discussion of genitalia. Notes and tapes and horrible misunderstandings. Terrible decisions. Amateur hunting adventures. Episode 59: Yeah Jere, But You Knew Better!
Phil Collins is not dead, just FYI. Old music vs new music. Say it ain't so, Mr Harvey! AOL. Phone numbers and old houses. Jeremy's rough driving at 15, and constant sibling aggravation. Our buddy Steve: King if the Nicknames. Childhood antics. Episode 58: Show of Hands, Who's Murdered?
Trying to figure out if we know a killer. Lies about sexual exploits, at any age. Elusive Facebook requests from a convicted felon, and Todd's positive take on doing time. Our weird world, and Todd drinking at the truss plant. Episode 57: Butterfly Effecting
Todd's friend auditions. Skipping through time. Instant contact and pedal no more to the metal. Pillow fights don't exist. Jeremy the Man. News. Episode 56: Color Copyright
What's in a color, and how can we own it? There are way to many whites out there in the world. Men vs women vs color. Being up on pop culture. The yellow bathroom. Hashing out Shyamalan, and whether film is dead. Episode 55: Three Good Jacks
Todd needs answers, and Jeremy can't provide them. Ill educated guessing at the five boroughs. The pros and cons of a sex tape. Reviews and ratings. Motorcycles and Todd do not mix.
Episode 54: Ice Cold Pants
Other podcasts. Memory loss. Buffett. Late night phone calls. Beds. Sound effect games. Episode 53: Cargo Shorts are OUT
Porn stars and dating. Chicks were hotter in the 80's. Lack of fashion. Our listeners. High hopes and crushing reality. Gaga. Dealing with hecklers. Episode 52: We All Wanna Be Sam Jackson!!
Kingston falls, points are broken and cubes are gleamed. Bathroom etiquette. The birth of BLT - Brohugs Little Theatre: "The Incident at the Red Nose Inn". Buckle up.
Episode 51: The Future's So Dim, I Gotta Sit Down
Toddfucious say: streaming is the wave of the future. Sticky TVs and throwback cable. Jere educates Todd on the struggles of creators, and Todd educates Jere on going blind. Got Jokes?
Episode 50: The Pensacon 2017 Experience
The boys recap this year's Pensacon. They discuss what they loved and what they, well, didn't love. What they thought needs improvement and what they'd never change. All in all a fun experience (as always) and this year the little bros came along, which made it even better. Talk of celebrities and who was cool. Can't wait til next year!
Episode 49: Youthful Indescretions
The fellas discuss previous dwellings, neighbors, and antics that ensued. Derrick the Sheriff. Underage alcohol consumption and body hair. #Pensacon2017 prep.
Episode 48: Culted
 Wonder twin powers activate. Technical difficulties and #Pensacon2017 special announcement. Todd discusses Scientology and cults. Reminiscence of the first year of Pensacon.
Episode 47: Puny Promosode
 The fellas discuss studio renovations, and upcoming projects. Promotions aplenty. Stoked for #Pensacon2017 panel discussion, as well as other planned Pensacon activities. Podcast love.
Episode 46: Old Brother Hubbard
 Pensacola news: Saggy Britches. What is Ton Loc up to these days? Upcoming Kaitlin Jenner photos. More Pensacola news: Puppy Love. Unemployment hits home - hard. MILFs at Midnight.
Episode 45: Sugar Free Nut Blisters
 The boys are back for the first time in 2017! Hydrocele is back too! Prostate exams, resolutions and staying sweet with no sugar. Countdown to Pensacon 2017 and Dr. Shaq.
Episode 44: Josh's Sweet Flavor Savor
 Spiderman Homecoming trailer. Todd finally saw Ghostbusters. Post birthday party discussion. Rogue One and other movie talk.
Episode 43: Sneakin' Up like Crown
 Childhood versus adulthood. Early boozin'. Tab. Expensive liquor. What happened to Busch? Pondering taglines and quick discussion of upcoming comic movies.
Episode 42: Pink Cavariccis
 Reunions. High school cliques, bullies, throwback fashion. Todd’s inappropriate fondling during school hours. A boy named Cool. Birthday boy, 80’s style.
Episode 41: Nana in a Duffle Bag
 (Disclaimer: wonky audio) Todd ditched Jeremy for Dr. Strange. #Justice4Johnny. Pensacola's graffiti bridge. Green Jelly. Airport shenanigans.
Episode 40: Please Hold The Egg
 The boys have returned, and Jeremy approaches 40. Todd regales us with tales from the North. Dumb rules.
Episode 39: Milking Dolphins
 Nate, long time friend of the show, joins the fellas once more. A little discussion of boobs, followed by a some football talk. Jeremy drank a little - okay, a lot. Fluffin', fictional character fantasies and time travel.
Episode 38: Sasquatch and the D-Box
 Friend of the show Nate sits in for a discussion of taking down Bigfoot. SPOILERS: Nate ruins 10 Cloverfield Lane with a stellar review, and tells all about the D-Box seat. Butt whoopins.
Episode 37: Smells Like Donuts
 The fellas discuss movie theaters of the past, that sadly no longer exist. Faces of Death! Drive in theaters need to come back. If we only had the internet when we were in high school. Dealing with other people's stinky pits.
Episode 36: Bum Pimpin' and Sharpies
 80s food and days off from work. Homeless sign making practices. iPhone 7.
Episode 35: Toddisms
 We join our fearless leaders as they discuss Jeremy's upcoming birthday. Favorite comedies and "Toddisms". You got anymore of them GoT episodes? Podcast stalkers and Meteorologists.
Episode 34: The Jazz Pig
 What's in a dream? Tales of what once was "Farmer Todd". Allergies, Jeremy, and the dying possum.
Episode 33: Medium Wage
 Urine safety charts. Brohugsburg. Todd saw the sign. Whatever your job, do your damn job. Music. The Burbs.
Episode 32: Deep Thoughts
 Recorded 07/26/2016: The boys discuss the Justice League and Wonder Woman trailers. Nice to hear the misguided enthusiasm of Jere and Todd for Suicide Squad, a week before actually seeing it. Brohugs at Pensacon 2017. Todd contemplates with providing his seed to his fictional deceased mom's lesbian widow, and how important is gender when it comes to be a positive influence on a kid? Ah, life lessons and philosophies(Todd rants a bit) Deep stuff for Brohugs…
Episode 31: Suicide Squad Spoiler Review
 The guys go thru the Suicide Squad movie, and discuss their opinions on all aspects. They discuss their views on the characters, the direction, plot points, etc. You may not agree, you may not disagree, but either way - it was fun! Warning: Spoilers!
Episode 30: Joanie Hates Shia
 Cooking like a boss. What's in a name? Todd + the new Ghostbusters = not so much hate anymore? Crystal Skulls, self-exploration, and Shia makes Jeremy wanna cry-a - so he discusses BB-8 with himself. Nursery rhyme reinvention.
Episode 29: Born and Raised in Florida
 The jail life. The grading scale, mediocrity and competition. Rumors about our beloved home state of Florida.
Episode 28: Independence Day - Athon
 Exploring the truth of the 4th, as well as morons vs. fireworks. Morons, including us. Learning from pain. Kids and Yo Mama jokes. Little kids gaming online. More movie talk. C3P0 vs. CP30.
Episode 27: Flashbacks and Silverbacks
 Appropriate punishments for kids. 23 lb. bricks. Drive in theatres, VCRs and video game nostalgia. Gorilla grip, the actual grip, not the glue. Or the tape.
Episode 26: Canadian Pyramids
 Discussion of upcoming projects, and thanks to another podcast that the fellas were on recently. Who really built the Egyptian pyramids? Canadians? Live podcasting shows. Todd's still upset about the new Ghostbusters movie. We're never too old to follow our dreams…
Episode 25: Criminal Minds
 Jere breaks into a recent story of lawlessness. Stories of intent to litter. Todd and his cousin once committed a gun crime. Community service and old folks homes. Cops and Meth.
Episode 24: Method Men
 The boys are back, after quite a break. Todd moved, general consensus: moving sucks. Celebrity death recap. The boys weren't cool enough to make it to Cap: Civil War…yet. Jere's wedding anniversary. Jared Leto and his Suicide Squad antics: Jere has a problem with method actors. Shout out to Brohugs' number one super fan. Where's Jazzy Jeff?
Episode 23: Batman v Superman Review
 WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!! Fresh out the theater, the boys sit down and discuss what they did and didn't like about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There is some trailing off into other comic oriented discussion, but they manage to round their way back to BvS eventually.
Episode 22: Five Second Rule
 Short film ideas. Finding free actors. Drinking underage and flaunting it. Jeremy digs Good Times and Todd loves Carol Burnett. Batman v Superman - other superhero movie discussion.
Episode 21: Todd's Bucket List: Check One!
 Todd checks something off his bucket list. Stuff we dig now. Old houses in old neighborhoods…and ghosts? New Ghostbusters thoughts.
Episode 20: Pensacon Recap
 Tried a different setting on our recorder this time - didn’t work too well. We join the podcast about 5 or 6 minutes in - had to clip the beginning. Please bear with us, there are a few glitches. PENSACON 2016! Todd's upcoming standup comedy attempt! Short film ideas (Jeremy's idea didn’t record, but Todd's did - his is way better anyway) and Todd's cosplay interviews.
Episode 19: Gearing Up for PENSACON!
 Todd wants to stalk celebs. Preparation for #Pensacon2016! Harrison Ford vs. Sly Stallone. Jere recaps his sleep test escapades. Todd actually listened to #Brohugs for a change. Production budget. Jere and Todd talk about other podcasts on their podcast - riveting. Con talk.
Episode 18: Lemme Tell You Somethin'…
 Jeremy is drunk. Like too drunk. Thank God Todd's stone cold sober. Recap of the NCAA Football championship and other football talk. The Krunk Bear. Bald headed. The 80s. Pensacon. Waffle House news.
Episode 17: That Rey Chick is Hot!
 Todd just got back from Memphis - he wasn’t impressed. Cost of living and unions. Elvis and Michael. Air Jordans and Reebok Pumps. Jeremy is a cheap bastard. Love for Ryan Reynolds. Star Wars Episode VII recap talk as Jeremy becomes intoxicated. (Kinda goes off the rails a bit)
Episode 16: Pregnancy and Proctology
 (Recorded Dec 10th) Todd and Jere recap turkey. Jere discusses his 40th birthday plans. Excitement of upcoming Star Wars episode 7 - and other movies. Creative ways to eliminate cat poop. Pregnancy scare? Career choices in proctology. The boys are afraid the world has left them.
Episode 15: Spousal Age Differences and Douche Bags
 Todd and Jeremy talk smack about Nate, who isn’t there. The fellas then embark on an epic journey into what they would do versus what they wouldn’t. Hypothetically, of course. Todd's uneasy with some of these questions, Jeremy isn't. A little geeky movie and TV talk follows.
Episode 14: Would you Rather? and Nerd Talk
 Todd and Jeremy talk smack about Nate, who isn’t there. The fellas then embark on an epic journey into what they would do versus what they wouldn’t. Hypothetically, of course. Todd's uneasy with some of these questions, Jeremy isn't. A little geeky movie and TV talk follows.

Episode 13: Very Superstitious...
 The boys recap of Todd turning the big 40 the previous weekend. Jeremy and Todd get into the unlucky number 13, as well as little known superstitions from around the world. Jeremy announces something special coming up, and Todd believes that grandmothers make the world go round.
Episode 12: THROWBACK! Pre-Episode 1 test recording….
 Well, unfortunately our recording of our 12th episode got screwed up, and the audio didn’t record. It was good too! It was Todd and Jere discussing movies and pop culture galore! Sad, but it has become a lost episode.  So instead, we go back to an unaired recording from about a year ago. Jere and Todd record a little session talking smack about their buddy Nate, pre Episode-1, waiting on Nate (who was late) to arrive to record the first Brohugs. So, the guys just bash Nate a little and reminisce the past. From 7/6/2014. Enjoy!

Episode 11: Good Worst Impressions
 The boys are back! Todd tells Jeremy and Brad he wants to fight ISIS on a three dog night. Hot chicks. Horrible, horrible accents - even worse impressions. Breaking the rut. Tracy Morgan vs. Wal-Mart. Little known facts, and Little Debbie.
Episode 10: A Decade (sort of) of Episodes
 Jeremy irritates Brad and Todd with corny jokes. Muppets vs. Sesame Street. Just after 9 minutes in we realize Brad's mic was unplugged - sorry. The fellas discuss preferences on female genital woman-scaping. Barbershops and beauty salon memories. The boys recount when they thought wrestling was cool. Guns and Roses and Todd needs a vacuum extension wand for a vacuum he doesn’t own. .
Episode 9: Valentines, Pick up Lines, and Kidnapping
 Jeremy and Todd are a little shocked that Brad is JUST NOW discovering Chuck Norris jokes. Opinions on Valentine's Day are discussed, and the Sears Christmas catalog. Mardi Gras misconceptions are discussed, and Todd brings up his incomplete lottery fantasy. The guys do a quick recap of Super Bowl 49 (kinda becomes a sports show for a minute). The guys do a quick rundown of The Pensacon guest lineup. Jeremy brings up his personal hero, Kevin Smith, again. Todd explains how he'd hit on Lita Ford. Kidnapping is wrong, even if it's your own child. Just saying. .
Episode 8: Stolen Identities and New Personas
 Jeremy, Todd, and Jeremy listen in as Clint gives us a look into his recent bout with identity theft. Brad has a good plan for stealing identities (not really). Who'd we like to sponsor our podcast, in a fantasy world where this might happen? Jere and Todd are stoked for Pensacon 2015 - Brad, not so much. The guys discuss fantasy names. Theory of real ghosts in the new Ghostbusters movie? The guys try to explain gay dudes' frame of mind to Todd. .
Episode 7: Stop or You'll Go Blind!
 Jeremy, Todd and Brad regale us with tales and questions of masturbation. Chest and belly hair comparisons take place. Todd and Brad reminisce about Todd's sexual escapades in Brad's truck in high school, unbeknownst to Brad. Alcohol consumption and idiotic thievery in high school. Brad's never seen Goonies - holy shit. Brad tells us about scaring the hell out of Clint. Jeremy shares his worst past criminal indiscretion. .
Episode 6: Strip Club Superhero Animals
 Todd and Nate reminisce on a major misunderstanding at a strip club, which sparks some discussion of strip club experiences. Jeremy wants to control people's minds, Nathan wants to freeze time, Todd wants to travel through time and Brad wants to run really fast.  They win the lottery, sort of, and Nate's the Mayor. Brad loves Elvis. The guys discuss chick flicks they aren’t embarrassed to love, and what kind of animals they'd like to be. This, of course, leads into animal genitals.
Episode 5.5: The Sexually Based Bonus
Jeremy recounts his first horrifying experience with porn. Brad learned about the birds and the bees from Redd Foxx? Todd's aunt busted him watching porno. Pornos magically appear in the woods, apparently. Todd's phone rings a lot with news of testicular injury. They discuss Horney Goat Weed and experiment with Smilax. Brad suggested it. Scott thinks Crossfit is a cult.
Episode 4: Squeeze the Bread
Todd, Brad and Jere on location in Brad's woodshop. Todd's marital experience with enemas, and Jeremy's pissy about no mayo - just a little spouse griping amongst friends - its healthy.Todd and Brad recap the sad and tragic events from their 20 year high school reunion from the night before. Boy bands, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. Why? Don't know. Todd brought it up.The 45th anniversary of the moon landing, and Todd thinks they found aliens there, and some people believe there is no moon? Todd and Jere recount the open mic night that Todd stood on stage and told the worst joke ever. Todd retells it. The Brohugs guys apologize for this in advance.
Episode 3: Tough Love, Bitch
New Brohugs Bro Scott joins Jeremy and Nathan, and they discuss the Blue Angels and 'Merica. Scott and Nate join forces in their belief that Jeremy has anger issues and they possess the capability to resolve them. Doctors wearing Crocs and Low "T". Scott doubles up in two shirts that rock, there is talk of slinging bags of human waste, Nate flashes Jeremy's parents, and Jeremy gets lost in the woods. Brad's personalization of Nate's mic is revealed to him, Scott's colonoscopy experiences, and Prince. Episode 2: Ball off at the Ball Field
New bros join the fold - intro Josh, Clint & Brad. Brad recounts his listening to Brohugs Podcast #1. Brad then regales the group withtales of Todd's competition winning testicular fortitude. Really. Brad and Todd discuss their upcoming 20 year high school reunion, and Brad's beefs with organizing it. They cover thier irritation with the intelligence level of much of the population, followed by educating Todd on whiskey. Vasectomies, and Brad's belief that proper timing can prevent pregnancy. Oh, and baby catheters. No lie.
Episode 1: Headbutt the Porn Store Door
Short intro by the fellas, Todd unintentionally offends the hearing impaired, followed by a couple tales of pre-internet porn acquisition mishaps, and inappropriate intoxication during daylight hours.

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