We are just couple of regular guys who have been friends nearly all our lives. We have a history that lends itself to some pretty fun conversations, so we decided to flip on some mics and see who might listen. We discuss topics of the day, family life, pop culture, and whatever comes to mind. We use our podcast for a sort of “self-therapy”, and we hope it does the same for our listeners – while being honest as well as entertaining. We typically post an episode a week, uncensored and unapologetic. You can find us on our website, iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Tunein, Blubrry, Podcasts.com, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Recap of our Pensacon 2016 Adventure!

We had a blast, first and foremost.
While we weren’t there necessarily there to promote the podcast, it actually turned out that way – which was very cool.
Initially, the idea was that I would have my table in Artist Alley, promoting my artwork and myself. I told Todd I’d made some flyers and cards for the podcast, and we’d set up a corner on my table for that. We weren’t there in a media capacity, but ultimately skewed some of our visit in that direction.
We did, and the response was awesome!
There were a lot of people interested in what we do on the podcast, and this honestly caught us a little by surprise. Not negatively, of course, but thrilling to know that we may have potentially gained some more listeners.
We spoke with a lot of other people involved in podcasting, and learned a lot from many others. It was exciting to learn what works for other podcasters, and what they do similarly and differently from us.
We really enjoyed talking with Jeremy Branch (@JeremyBTerrible) with http://bterribleproductions.com/ and discussing his podcast Weekly POP Podcast. Definitely want to give him a shout out here. He seems to have a terrific handle on what he does, and we really wished that we could have had more time to chat.
What do you say, Jeremy? Want to get together for a beer sometime?
Now, one thing that we learned from our talking with Jeremy was how beneficial the use of our Brohugs podcast YouTube channel could be for us. He uses his VERY proficiently, and having now become a fan of his work, I absolutely see what he means where we can go with ours. Stay tuned, we are gonna beef up our Youtube channel, for sure.
Also, back in August of 2015, there was an article done in Pensacola News Journal by Hana Frenette titled “Pensacola Podcasts on the Rise”. Didn’t realize this at the time, until I went back and reread the piece, but Jeremy and his podcast was mentioned in this article, as well as us! Very cool, and it was nice to meet a fellow local podcaster.
Todd tried something a little different, and went out “man on the street” style, microphone in hand, and interviewed cosplayers At Pensacon. I haven’t gone thru the recordings yet, but they will be featured on our next episode. Todd says they went really well, and I look forward to hearing them as well!
All in all, it was a positive experience. We are actually looking for more venues where we might be able to set up and get the work out about our podcast. So if you know of any local events where this might be an option, please, let us know!
Until next time –